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Transora the Flying Cat
How did Transora learn to fly?

Well, it all started when she was a little kitten.
Transora wandered off from her mother and littermates, and she got lost.
She never found her mother or littermates again.

It was really hard for a little kitten to be in the world all alone.
She did not know where to eat or even where to sleep.

One day Transora crawled under a fence into someone's backyard.
She thought that it looked like a nice place to take a nap.
Just as she was curling up, and ready to fall asleep,
she heard big footsteps. This really frightened her, so she
started to run. Right then a very big dog ran after Transora.
She was so scared, she did not know where to go, so she climbed
in some bushes, and then climbed up a fence, then up into a tree.
There she was safe. The big dog could not get her.

Her heart beating fast, and thoughts of her mother made Transora very sad.

She then heard some little noises, "tweet tweet," but these
noises did not frightened her, they had to be coming from
something much smaller than herself.

Transora followed her ears, and soon saw a nest with three little
birds inside. They looked at Transora, and she looked at them.
Neither the birds or Transora felt afraid, so Transora crawled
into the nest with the birds, and began to fall asleep.
The little birds came close to Transora, and they were all
snuggled together. As Transora began to dream, she felt like
she was with her littermates once again.

Then, there was a very loud, "Chirp!" It was the mother bird
bringing back worms for her babies. The mother bird was at
first very upset that there was a kitten in her nest,
but then she realized Transora was just a frightened baby herself,
and the mother bird began to feed her babies and Transora worms.
At first Transora did not like the taste of worms, but she was
so hungry she ate them anyway.

Soon days passed on, and Transora lived up in the nest with
the birds. She never went down the tree. She felt at home
in the nest, and began to like worms. The three baby birds,
the mother bird, and Transora would cuddled together
and sleep in the nest. Transora would purr so loudly,
because she was so happy.

The baby birds were now old enough to learn how to fly.
The mother bird was teaching them as they hopped from branch
to branch. Transora watched them, then tried it too.
She was hopping from branch to branch, just like the birds.

Then the mother bird flew down from the tree, and the baby birds followed.
Transora just stayed in the tree, so the mother bird flew back
up, put her wings out, and Transora put her front legs out, and
together they flew off the tree. The baby birds flew after them,
and they all landed on a higher tree.
The mother bird put her wings out again to show her babies
and Transora, and they did the same. Then they all followed the
mother bird high in the air across a park.

They soared over houses, over creeks, and over schools.
The school children looked up as they saw a cat flying with birds.

Transora was living the life of a bird, she thought the mother
bird was her mother, and the baby birds her littermates.
They were all happy together.

Transora soon began to grow alot, and she grew into a beautiful
slender mischievous black cat. She was now too big for
the bird's nest, so she made herself a home in the
bushes just below the tree where the birds lived.

Often she would climb up the tree to see her family.
One day she climbed up the tree, and they were all gone.
Transora waited and waited, but they never came back.
Again she was all alone, her family was gone.
No more worms from ma ma bird. She had to find food on her own.

Soon enough Transora began to be happy again in her
backyard where squirrels, and other little critters
came around to play. However, she always thought of her
bird family, and missed them very much.

Transora at times would fly around the neighborhood looking
for them, and for food. She knew just which houses had cats,
and at just what time they were going to be fed.
Transora would wait around until after the cats had ate,
and then finish the rest up. She had plenty to eat everyday!

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.
Transora still lived under the bush that is under
the tree, of which she was raised with her bird family in.

One spring morning Transora saw a mother bird with her three
little baby birds up in the tree. The mother bird was trying
to teach them how to fly. The baby birds were hopping around
from branch to branch flying a little bit in between
each branch. What memories that brought Transora.

Then one of the baby birds began to fall from the tree,
it was heading straight down to the ground, and couldn't fly!
Transora flew up, and caught the baby bird in her mouth,
then flew up with it to the nest. The mother bird was chirping
with fright, then she looked at Transora, and Transora
looked at her, they knew each other.
The mother bird was one of the baby birds that Transora grew
up with in the nest in the tree last year. This was her sister!
She had come back to the same tree to raise her baby birds.
Transora was so happy, she had a family again!

Transora helped to teach the new baby birds how to fly,
and together they all flew around the neighborhood,
over houses, over creeks, and over schools, where the
school children stopped to look at the flying cat with the birds.

Every spring a mother bird from the same family came
to live in the same tree to raise her baby birds.
She remembered how special Transora was when she was a baby bird.
Transora always slept in the bushes below the tree to be
close to her bird family. And every year Transora
helped the mother bird to teach her baby birds how to fly!

She is Transora the flying cat!
Carin     Written by, Carin Schroff Aug. 1999
Copyright © Carin Schroff
On our HP with permission from Carin Schroff.
How could a cat really fly? Perhaps, it was the worms she was raised on?
Children never try to fly, it does not work for kids, even if you ate worms!

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