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Tupolew Tu-104
Maßstab 1:100 ?

Tupolew Tu-104
Bild von Jim (Kanada)
Tupolew Tu-104   Bausatz Nr. Nr. 050003.   Verpackung und Bausatz
Bausatz etwa von 2006

Die Antwort von ALANGER auf die Frage von Jim nach der Herkunft der Formen:
„These are forms which we have after old Russian fabric`s ruin. We purchased them, updated a little and enclosed decals. Even we don`t think that these items are built-up models and it`s confirmed by that fact that there is no scale indicated on the box. We think that it`s may be specific mock-up (souvenir). The aim of these items –– to give an idea about legendary Russian airplanes as IL-18, TU-104, IL-62, because at this moment, unfortunately, there are not any exact models of these plains in the world.“

Tupolew Tu-104 Decals
Bild von Jim (Kanada)
Tupolew Tu-104   Decals

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